About Kelly's Car Service

The Kelly family has been providing Bayside with reliable and efficient transportation for almost a century. Our fleet can accomodate any need, from bringing a few people across town to transporting large groups. We specialize in service to all metropolitan area airports and are available 24 hours a day, every day.

At Kelly's Car Service, customer service is our priority, whether you're commuting to the railroad, dining out, heading to the airport, attending a business meeting or catching a ball game. Rely on us if you're going shopping, visiting a doctor's office or attending a wedding.

Our office is located in Bayside, Queens, New York, on street level above the east-bound platform of the Long Island Rail Road's Bayside station, between Chase Manhattan Bank and the Post Office.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I'm taking your car service to an event and need you to pick me up when it's over. What do I do?

A: Prepay your driver for both legs of the trip (including any round-trip tolls). Arrange with your driver if you'd like to be picked up at a specific time, or if you'll call our office when you're almost ready to return. (The quoted fare will not include a gratuity; please remember to tip your driver!)

Q: I'm going into the city, but I'm told I must pay 'round trip tolls.' Why?

A: Your driver will take the fastest route to your destination, and as a car service, must return to base as quickly as possible after your trip. Depending on your destination, the quickest route may involve toll crossings, and neither the driver nor the company will 'eat' those costs. If you're unwilling to pay the tolls involved in your trip, we will not go.

Q: Is there really a Kelly family?

A: Yes indeed. William and Wanda Kelly started Kelly's Car Service about a century ago, in an office on "Bell Avenue" (now Bell Boulevard) near the LIRR's "Great Neck" line (now the Port Washington branch), where steam locomotives ran at street level and Model A Fords were all the rage. Their heirs still own and manage the company today. Visit our town as it was then at The Bayside Historical Society and at Forgotten NY.

Q: How's Mary doing?

A: Mary Collins, who dispatched at Kelly's Car Service for about 52 years, passed in June 2011.

Q: I tried to flag-down a Kelly car, and it drove right by me. What gives?

A: In New York City, only yellow cabs are allowed to accept street hails. At car services such as ours, you must call or visit our office. Car service drivers who accept street hails are violating the law, and are subject to heavy fines.

Q: Will you jumpstart my car/change my flat tire/bring me some gasoline?

A: No. We're a car service; we don't service cars...nor will we transport hazardous materials (gasoline, for example) in our vehicles. Try the Yellow Pages Online.

If you need a ride after you car has been towed, call us!

Office For Rent

Second floor near Bayside LIRR station. Three rooms, private entrance, w.c. Call John Baker, East Coast Realty at 516-509-7726 for more information.

Updated 21 Aug 2013

Kelly's Car Service
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